How to Create a Product Download Box in WordPress

WP iSell plugin allows you to create a product display box that you can show on a WordPress post/page to sell digital download.

Once you have finished this tutorial you should be able to create a product box that looks like the following:

screenshot showing how to show a product download box in wordpress

Product Download Box Configuration

1. Install the WP iSell plugin and configure its settings based on the documentation

2. While you are creating a product, specify a thumbnail URL or upload one using the uploader.

screenshot showing how to create a download in wordpress

3. Enter the following shortcode in a post/page:

[wp_isell_download id="2397"]

Here, id is the Unique ID of each product that you configure in the WP iSell plugin. You can find it under Products->All Products.

screenshot showing how to find the id of a isell product

By default the button text is set to “Buy Now”. But you can choose to modify it using the “text” parameter in the shortcode. For example:

[wp_isell_download id="2397" text="Buy It Now"]
If you need a more robust method of selling digital downloads, please check the WP eStore plugin.

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