Easy WordPress SMTP – Send Emails From Your WordPress Site Using a SMTP Server

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Easy WP SMTP is a user-friendly SMTP plugin for WordPress. It allows you to send emails from your WordPress Site via one of your preferred SMTP server. This will improve the email deliverability from your server.

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Send Emails From Your WordPress Site Using your preferred SMTP Server
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What is SMTP?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a communication protocol to transfer emails over the internet.

SMTP & WordPress

Often sending emails from your WordPress blog can be a little painful. In my experience I have seen users having the following issues:

  • Sending email from my WordPress site but it’s not getting delivered to the recipient
  • The email has been sent but it went into the spam/junk folder on the recipient side
  • The email wasn’t sent because of the server restrictions
  • The email got lost somewhere in the server

To prevent this issue SMTP can come in very handy. Instead of actually sending the email to the recipient you can configure your WordPress blog so it sends the email via a SMTP server.

All the popular mail services (example: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) have SMTP servers. Once your site is authenticated with a SMTP server it will allow you to transfer all outgoing emails from your WordPress blog to the appropriate recipients.

Benefits of Using SMTP

  • You are using a SMTP server of a popular mail service so the email is less likely to be marked as a spam
  • The SMTP server is taking the full responsibility of delivering the email to the recipient. It lowers the risk of emails getting lost somewhere
  • You are using one of your preferred email address to send email from (example: abc123@gmail.com)

Easy WordPress SMTP plugin makes sure that you never need to worry about “email not being delivered”. It does everything for you so your WordPress blog is ready to use SMTP.

Easy WordPress SMTP Installation

  • Go to the Add New plugins screen in your WordPress admin area
  • Click the upload tab
  • Browse for the plugin file (easy-wp-smtp.zip)
  • Click Install Now and then activate the plugin

Easy WordPress SMTP Usage

Once you have installed the plugin please go to the Settings menu of the plugin to configure some SMTP specific options. It has two sections:

1) General Settings

screenshot showing the general settings menu of easy wordpress smtp plugin

  • From Email Address: The email address that will be used to send emails to your recipients
  • From Name: The name your recipients will see as part of the “from” or “sender” value when they receive your message
  • SMTP Host: Your outgoing mail server (example: smtp.gmail.com)
  • Type of Encryption: none/SSL/TLS
  • SMTP Port: The port that will be used to relay outbound mail to your mail server (example: 465)
  • SMTP Authentication: No/Yes (This option should always be checked “Yes”)
  • Username: The username that you use to login to your mail server (example: abc123@gmail.com)
  • Password: The password that you use to login to your mail server

Once you are done click on the “Save Changes” button to save the settings.

For your convenience I have made a configuration list of some of the popular SMTP servers


  • SMTP Host: smtp.gmail.com
  • Type of Encryption: SSL
  • SMTP Port: 465


  • SMTP Host: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
  • Type of Encryption: SSL
  • SMTP Port: 465


  • SMTP Host: smtp.live.com
  • Type of Encryption: TLS
  • SMTP Port: 587

2. Testing & Debugging Settings

screenshot showing the testing and debugging settings of easy wordpress smtp plugin

This section allows you to send a test email to a recipient to make sure that everything is working as expected. Let me give you an example so you know what will happen:

a) You want to use Gmail as your SMTP server and you have already configured your main email address “abc123@gmail.com” (in the general settings) to send all emails from your site.

b) Now you want to check what a recipent will see when an email is sent from your site. So you enter your alternative email address (example: jdb123@gmail.com) in the “To” field along with a subject and a message.

c) When you click on the “Send Test Email” your WordPress site (SMTP client) will relay this email to the Gmail SMTP server. Gmail will authenticate this request based on the credentials you have provided (example: username, password).

d) Once the request is authenticated Gmail will finally send this email to jdb123@gmail.com. The recipient will see that the email was sent from abc123@gmail.com. But actually the email was sent from your WordPress site via Gmail SMTP server.

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  1. Matthew says

    Installed the plugin, resolved my mail send issue. When the plugin is activated, however, it shortens my edit boxes in Contact Form 7. Everything seems functional, but it becomes more of a hassle to edit the fields in Contact Form 7. Any thoughts or ideas on this? Using version 1.1.0

  2. Libor says

    Hi there,followed all the instructions,instaled plug in ,done the settings but testing e-mail failed and also contact form on my website is not working,I am with Hotmail.


  3. Herschel says

    Thanks for the free gift.
    Have a question though.
    Can I send emails to multiple recipients at the same time and if yes, how to set it up?


  4. Franco says


    Does Easy WordPress SMTP actually check the server restrictions?
    I mean something like these:
    – Sending Quota per 24 hour period
    – Max Send Rate: N emails/second

    Thanks in advance!

    • admin says

      @Franco, the plugin can’t check for any server restrictions. It just uses the SMTP server for any outgoing mail from your server.

    • Claudia says

      the plugin works perfectly.. but now i need for more emails.

      I can use this just for one email.. but i am using like 5 diferents emails in diferents contact form.. please tell if your pluging can help me

      • admin says

        @Claudia, In order for it to work you will have to deactivate the plugin and let your server send the emails normally.

  5. nidhi says

    i am working with localhost.
    i am a beginner one…can you tell me all the steps to configure smtp in my wordpress website.
    does it work on localhost?

  6. Helen says

    Hello, do I have to use the same email address in the General WordPress settings as I use for the plugin? I want to use different email addresses in the SMTP plugin (for sent mail) and my general settings (to receive WordPress notifications etc). Is this possible?

    So to clarify my question, will all outgoing emails use the plugin SMTP settings once the plugin is activated, or do I have to put the same email in the WordPress general settings? Thanks

  7. Caroline says

    I completed all the details on the Easy WP SMTP Settings and the test email never came through to my gmail address. Could it just be a delay? I checked spam, and it’s not there. Please advise. Thanks :)

  8. bpizzy says

    Is there as way to use this plugin but keep the mail header settings from a forms plugin like gravity forms? I want the from email and name to be passed from the plugin and not SMTP relay.


  9. Sammy says

    I have a username with a back-slash “\” in it and it doesn’t appear to be working. After I save, it comes back with two back-slashes “\\”. Any idea how to make this work?

    • Chanett says

      Hi, I installed the plugin as well and found the the username is your e-mail address. If you haven’t tried it – try it now. It worked for me… :)

  10. Denis says

    Hi there
    I’ve been using your great plugin for years
    but now suddenly
    nothing is working
    messages can’t be sent
    and I tried the test but
    It says: SMTP connect() failed.

    How to fix it

    thank you to help me !!

  11. Ernesto Tello says

    I’ve always used your plugin, but this time is not working.
    I’ ve tried everything and still says SMTP connect() failed.
    Please, help me solve this issue.

    thanks for the support!

  12. Robin Button says

    Email notifications are not working. Here is the error message that I’m receiving. Can you assist?

    015-04-12 15:58:17 – DEBUG –> GFCommon::send_email(): Result from wp_mail():
    2015-04-12 15:58:17 – ERROR –> GFCommon::send_email(): The mail message was passed off to WordPress for processing, but WordPress was unable to send the message.
    2015-04-12 15:58:17 – DEBUG –> GFCommon::send_email(): The WordPress phpmailer_init hook has been detected, usually used by SMTP plugins, it can impact mail delivery.
    2015-04-12 15:58:17 – DEBUG –> GFCommon::send_email(): PHPMailer class returned an error message: SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.

  13. pecraig says

    When setting up the Easy WP SMPT plugin, I tried 3 legitimate gmail addresses to use the gmail smtp server. only one of them worked, why is that?

    • admin says

      @pecraig, Gmail SMTP has an additional security step. When you first try to send an email your account may block it. And if you login to your gmail account afterwards, you should get a red error message notifying you of “an unauthorized attempt to access your account”. Once you authorize it emails should start to go through.

  14. formalde says

    i have used this plugin..it send test email fine but i am using pie register plugin, which is still showing message that

    {Error: The e-mail could not be sent.
    Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function…}

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